Do you go to the gym 6 times a week and want to show the world the results? Then a tiny micro bikini may be your way of expressing yourself on the beach. Here's 11 different bikinis from various brands. They are all tiny, and if you are enjoying chocolate in the weekends, have given birth, or are carrying a beer belly (see number 4), they are probably not something you would dare to wear (or should wear!).

1. Sure suits you
Suits You Swimwear have specialized in producing bikinis and contest wear for figure competition athletes. This is one of the newest models from the Florida based company.

2. It's sublime
This tiny little thing comes from Sublime Bikinis. The New Zealand based company offers a wide range of micro bikinis from their little workshop.

3. Lust
Lusty Threads is one of many micro bikini companies from Australia. The main source for inspirations for their designs is from the scintillating Australian beach scenes.

4. Are you man enough to wear this?
Koala swimwear produces micro bikinis for men. Why should girls have all the fun?

5. Bikinis from a bikini contest expert
Colleen Kelly participated in bikini contests with her homemade bikinis in the 90s, after she retired from the bikini contest circuit, she decided to sell her designs to other attention loving women.

6. Microkitten
Microkitten specializes in tiny "Brazilian-styled" bikinis that will bring attention to a perfectly shaped body.

7. The iconic Brazilian style
Sunkini's Brazilian styled bikinis can be picked up at retailers like Halyconblue. The classical Rio-beach bikini seem to never go out of style.

8. Las Vegas Glamour
Fiu Fiu is a Las Vegas based company who offers glamorous and minimalistic designs that are likely to set you back over $100.

9. Micro bikinis from Switzerland
A Swiss String is probably Switzerland's only micro bikini company. Maria who owns the company tries to avoid the "beach girl kitch" image in her bikinis.

10. Double Take
Double Take Microwear from Central Wisconsin provides bikinis for the women out there who want to feel acceptably outrageous.

11. Wicked Weasel
Wicked Weasel is the market leader in the micro bikini market. This lurex style is a typical example of their range.