What is an hourglass body type?


If you have what is considered an ‘hourglass’ shape, you are one of the lucky ones and you have it relatively easy when it comes to buying swimwear.


When you have a relatively small waist compared to your hips and bust line and your bust line and hips are proportionate to one another you are considered an hourglass shape.


Even women, who wear a plus size, if they are proportionate, are considered to have an hourglass figure.


This body type can wear almost any type of swimwear and look good. It’s all about how comfortable you are with your body, how much skin you want to show and what areas you want to play up or down.

The best swimwear tops for the hourglass shape.


If you are considered to have an hourglass figure and have modest breasts (not overly endowed) then halter or triangle bikini tops will look wonderful on you. These types of cuts in a bikini top will show off your bust line. To keep your hourglass look pair this type of top with a triangular shaped bottom as well.


If you have large breasts you can ruin your look by wearing a bikini top that doesn’t provide enough support. If you make sure to have enough support and that the top fits you well there really isn’t too many ways to go wrong with choosing the right bikini top for the hourglass figure.  


You can flaunt your curves with a one piece bathing suit as well that has good built in bust support and a full back.


The best swimwear bottoms for an hourglass body type.


Hourglass body types, that are short, tall or in-between, can draw attention to their legs and make them look longer and leaner by wearing a swimsuit bottom that is cut high on the sides.


Hourglass shapes can definitely wear bikinis even if they are plus size. However, it's best to wear a high waist bottom and supportive top rather than a little string bikini.



Swimwear/bikini general rules for the hourglass figure.



Remember when purchasing your swimwear that it’s not much different than other clothing. Pay attention to color and patterns. If you wear patterns you will draw the eyes to that particular area and no one except boyish figures look good in horizontal stripes.


To make your waist look even smaller you can buy a suit that’s a solid color with a different colored waistline.


For any body type, choose swimwear that doesn’t expose too much skin. If you’re not 18, string bikinis with no support will look sloppy.


If you want a one piece suit, get one that doesn't bunch or creep up on you.  And for the hourglass that wants to look slimmer, purchase higher Lycra content suits, darker colors and smaller patterns as opposed to large floral prints.