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String bikinis are hot

String bikinis are not strictly micro, but they can be. And most of them are very hot.

Sun & Sin has interviewed 5 glamour models about their thoughts on string bikinis, and most of them agree - String bikinis are hot!

We agree that most glamour models has phenomenal bodies that can wear any swimwear imaginable..

A new site about Gran Canaria is ready for your enjoyment.

What type of bikinis were hot in the summer of 2011?

Are you a budget bride?

Many visit this site to get info on bikinis to buy for their honeymoon, but what about the wedding?

Sporting your bikini on Skiathos island

Allow us to introduce our sister site, a Skiathos travel guide.

With a good figure, anyone pale or tanned can wear a white bikini, but there are a few provisos.

Here are 5 celebs who erally make an impression in bikini.

Thinking of sporting a leopard print bikini to the beach? You'll look like a cheap s***.

Get bikini fit for the summer

7 essential tips to make you get bikini fit for the summer.

Photo: Girls preparing for a contest at one of the Nissi beach bars.
Body pressure varies greatly between different resorts in Europe. Here are three Euro-resorts where you will feel a bit down if you are flabby and shabby.

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